Wild Louie

January 15, 2007 By: erik Category: Music, Videos 831 views

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A couple years ago, I was strumming along randomly to a G-C-D pattern (in this case it’s really A-D-E) when I noticed that I was playing Wild Thing. I learned the dozen words that make up the lyrics and was jamming along, when my brain switched songs on me, and I started singing Louie Louie.


Download here. (10.6 MB)

It seems like there are round possibilities here.

  • Betsy

    My PC with Media Player can’t seem to see/play this clip. Lucky for me I have a MAC at home and was able to play and enjoy this. Thanks for sharing your talent with your fans. Are you growing your hair?

  • Thanks. Your probably need to install the Adobe Flash Player.

    Yes, my barber is on strike. She insists that I need to “try out a few styles” while there’s still time before the wedding. Women…

  • Well, the flash player is for viewing it in the blog. But you’ll need Quicktime to view the file you get from the download link.