March Fourth

March 04, 2007 By: erik Category: Beach, Photos, Videos 959 views

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Today’s date is the only date that makes a complete sentence when spoken (“March forth!”). It got up to 27°C today. So naturally, we went to the beach.

This pair on horseback looked like they were having fun.


The sail boats were out in force too.



I love this old fort on the cliff here.


It’s a good place for some cannons.

Just like on November 5th, 2006, I felt it was necessary to brave the waters for the good of the blog…


Take the picture, already!


Woohoo! In the ocean in March!


  • jacob

    nice legs

  • Thanks!

    The pictures where I had my shirt off were no good because my supple white torso reflected all the sun’s light directly into the camera.

  • Uncle Steve

    Ah…. ‘supple’. I was searching for a word to describe that – thanks.

    You know we have an ocean beach here too in the pacific ocean, though truth be told, a few degrees north it does became the Arctic Ocean. And gosh, it’s March here too. You should try that at our beach. I’ll not only take the picture, but I’ll *time* you (from the time you do it, to the time you’re sucking on a hot toddy, that is).

  • Two words for ya, Uncle Alaska:

    Gulf Stream. 🙂