Laptop Prank

March 15, 2007 By: erik Category: Funny, Media, Politics 9,809 views

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A friend sent this to me in a chain mail. I’ve got nothing better to talk about today, so I’ll share it here. Not to brag, but I’m having to translate it from Spanish to English.

See if you can figure out what’s at the link before you click it.

If you ever find yourself sitting next to a bothersome person in a train or plane….

  1. Very calmly take out your laptop case.
  2. Take out the laptop.
  3. Turn it on.
  4. Make sure that the annoying guy is paying attention to your screen.
  5. Open this email.
  6. Close your eyes and turn your face to the sky.
  7. Then click on this link.

Of course doing this in a freedom-loving nation like the US or UK, even as a joke, might get you locked up with no trial. But, like most of those “Things to annoy people in a classroom/elevator/mall/etc.” emails, it’s the scenario simulation that makes us laugh, even though we’d never actually act on them. Not to mention that most of the people that receive this email wouldn’t be tech-savvy enough to make sure to save a local copy of the flash file…at least until we get standard in-flight wifi.

If you thought this joke was in bad taste, you need to lighten up. People are way too tense about this whole terrorism thing. Your government, the media, and, to a lesser extent, the terrorists, want you to be tense about it. Relax. It’s okay to laugh at Yossarian.

  • That is a good one. I doubt your average co-traveler would pick up on this, but the Arabic is gibberish — it’s been a long time since I’ve done any Arabic-English translation (not to brag), but even at a glance I can see that the script uses initial, medial, and final characters in the wrong spots. Holds up to a quick, panicky, unschooled glance, though.

    Bookmarking the Flash page in “Art acts/anarchy” folder.

  • I suspected it might be gibberish. But then even syntactically perfect Arabic is gibberish to me.

    It’d be better if the makers had taken the trouble to have it say something like, “This is a joke,” or, “This is only a test.”

    Since you’ve actually studied Arabic, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look at my Spinal Discord post from a week ago and see if you can answer my question about Arabic books. A comment about how they do books in Slovenia wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

  • Uncle Steve

    Not in bad taste… unless you’re in line at a security checkpoint…. like in the U.S. or U.K…. the latter of which has more intrusive security cameras per capita than any country in the world today.

  • jacob

    i just forwarded a link to you blog to the FBI. Sleep well tonight.

    • bree

      what a jerk -_____-

  • Annie

    it’s good although it could get you into some trouble that meaning jail but if your just at homeor somewhere where you can’t get put in jail easily then it’s GREAT!!

  • may tinh xach tay

    i just forwarded a link to you blog to the FBI

    • Brando

      Oh really? what FBI Female Body Inspector??? hahaha!

  • Jt-spike-9t

    i could stop cracking up when i was shown this. remmeber terrosits want you to be scared tense and terroized