1980 Was A Good Year

April 13, 2007 By: erik Category: Photos 2,293 views

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After posting some childhood pictures of Marga a few weeks ago, it seems only fair to do the same for me. My mother dusted off some old albums and sent me these two pictures.

Now, I know I have a large forehead. My hairline starts way up there, and there’s been no receding, nor is there much recession in my genetic forecast. But this first photo is just freakish! I look like how Hollywood has decided aliens should look: a really huge, super-intelligent frontal lobe and small facial features below a huge forehead.


February 1980 – This has to be the longest my hair has ever been. The dimple in the chin makes this child’s identity undeniable.

Erik copy

October 1980 – “Hey! Don’t leave me here on this rock! Thanks for the cookie, but pick me back up!”

Besides John getting shot, an event that wouldn’t matter to me for more than a decade, 1980 was a pretty good year for me.

  • Betsy

    What a cutie. I have lots more where these came from. Neither your father nor I remember why we parked you in the middle of a creek. Cheap day care maybe. A couple of weeks after the Einstein hair pic I cut your hair. It started growing in a bit thicker after that.

  • Couple of things:

    1) While these pictures are adorable, I have to say that overall, Marga wins. But that’s just me.

    2) You’ve reminded me that I’ve been intending to do a post like this; my sister visited a few months back and brought similar heirlooms, and Magda’s been collecting some pre-Solidarność pics from her parents.

    3) The John reference really made me sit up, because while decades become leveling devices in terms of relative age, it’s still always a rather abrupt experience for me to realize that something formative that happened to me in high school hit other people at more tender ages. My wife does it to me all the time, and it always surprises me.

  • hilltop

    The best way to find this post is searching for “Americans with huge foreheads who had their picture taken in 1980 and now live in Spain and blog about it” on Google. At least it was my preference.

    • erik

      Bah! At the time of this comment, this post is the tenth search result on Google for that phrase.