Wedding Announcement in Newspaper

May 15, 2007 By: erik Category: Family, News, Photos, USA 5,847 views

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Well, my hometown knows about my matrimonial plans.
Wedding Announcement

I’m not surprised that they made the mistake of choosing Marga’s second surname. People here get confused with my solitary surname.

My mother expects dozens of people to cut this out of the paper and bring it to her. A strange tradition.

I like how they capitalized “Web”. It makes me sound important.

  • Betsy

    Well I seem to have miscalculated. To date 12-15 people have mentioned seeing the announcement but NO ONE has brought me a copy. That’s okay though since it has now gotten worldwide exposure via your blog. I realized something: if I had made Marga’s last name hyphenated, and the paper had picked up on it, it would have looked like three people were getting married.

  • Hola! Just came across your site and love it. We’re living parallel lives in different areas of Spain! My wedding announcement was also printed with the groom’s wrong last name =) Ciao!

  • Sarah

    Sorry this is such an old entry to comment on. I’m marrying my Portuguese boyfriend and I’m almost certain our small town South Dakota newspaper will mess up his name somehow. >.< lol