Salad Chefs

May 18, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Food, House, Photos 1,021 views

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Yesterday, like a good house husband, I was placing the food on the table just as Marga was arriving home, when I had a “I gotta take a picture of this” moment. The light coming in the window and the vibrancy of the colors in the salad made our little chefs come alive.

Although they look exceedingly Mediterranean, we bought these in Asheville, North Carolina, a few years ago. Despite being made of clay, they have survived a couple moves with hardly a nick. In my mind, they are very jovial characters and have strong Italian accents.

Salad Chefs

Salad Chefs – Two olive oil and vinegar bottles that we bought in Asheville, NC, in June 2003.

We decided early on that we liked the chap with the wine and bread more, so we bestowed upon him the much greater responsibility of holding olive oil. Due to the nature of Spanish cuisine, he gets flipped upside down several times a day. The poultry fellow, containing vinegar, really only sees any action around salads.

  • Nice. I especially like the bit about the imaginary Italian accents. Whenever we drive on the autostrada, the robot toll-collector thanks us in a sultry female voice and bids us arrivederci! Magda seems to think the robot is hitting on me, because she always responds, [expletive deleted] you, auuungh? in her best Soprano’s Italian.

  • I’m not sure why I’m so sure that these guys are Italian. You’d think that my connections with another Mediterranean country would take precedent, but no. Maybe it’s the mustaches…

    I’d like to name them, but the only Italian duo that comes to mind is Mario and Luigi, and I can’t do that. Plus, most Italian names have almost exact Spanish equivalents and would thus remind us of actual people.

    Sexy robot voices are the future of a lot of the service and retail industry. No doubt there are many cunning computational linguists at this very moment trying to figure out what the Fourier transform for the “sexy” timbre is.

  • Asheville. Heh.