Blond and Brunette

June 01, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Flickr, Partying, Photos 1,312 views

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A couple Sundays ago, Marga and I went out for a few drinks. She got so entranced in her sun worship that I was able to snap this picture without her knowledge.

The blurring effect that I applied helps a lot. It both adds to the mysteriousness of the anonymous woman, and dramatically highlights the foreground. I also like the hint of cleavage through the glass.

Blond and Brunette

Blond and Brunette – Two of my favorite things

Have a good weekend! We’ve got some wedding legwork to do in Mondragon this weekend, so I might get some photos of the restaurant to post here.

  • Well done. Little slices of life like this are among my favorite sorts of posts. Plus, I like beer.

  • Awesome photo and Photoshop work.