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June 06, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Photos, Soccer, Spain 1,203 views

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As I’ve been going through my old posts and converting them to use Flickr for all image hosting, I’ve found some old photos that I had forgotten about that I really love. I thought I’d re-post a few here for you.

This first one seems like a good candidate for some frame breaking.

Corner Flag

Corner Flag – The Spanish word for “corner kick” is “córner”. Original post.

Palacio de la Magdalena

Palacio de la Magdalena – Flowers at the Palacio de la Magladena in Santander, Spain. Original post.

San Fermin 2006

San Fermin 2006 – Erik models the appropriate San Fermin attire on the street in Pamplona, 2006. Original post.

Double Teeth

Double Teeth – A cabezudo in Bilbao, Spain in August, 2006. Original post.

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. I feel like I’ve found an old trunk full of family memorabilia in the attic. And it’s only been a year!

Psssst! The cactus is blooming tonight!

  • Hey, you’ve been to San Fermí­n! We usually leave to get away from the crowds (Más bien, huimos como de la peste). The first couple times it was fun, but it gets old really fast. So, did you get a pro account on Flckr? I put some pictures up there, but it doesn’t let you do more than 2 or 3 albums with the free version, and it’s so much easier to find stuff if it’s grouped.

  • I thought that photo might get a comment out of you, Theresa. 🙂

    I figure that most of the residents flee the town for that festival. We’re going to go again this year. It’s not old yet, but I can see how, after two or three years, it definitely would be.

    Yes, I sucked it up and bought a pro Flickr account. It’s probably the best value-for-money offer out there on the internet. Another good reason to put all my photos on Flickr is for archiving/backup. When people lose their homes, the possessions that they are most sorry to lose are their family photo albums. I would be very surprised if my photos weren’t available from Flickr 10 or 15 years from now.

    The tagging system, if properly used, is by far the best way to find photos. A query like, “erik marga august 2006” will return exactly what you want to see. Good stuff.