Sill Traffic

July 13, 2007 By: erik Category: Mondragon, Photos, Spain, USA 814 views

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None of the photos in this post were posed by me. I found the scene just as shown. These toys were part of the attic cleaning I mentioned earlier.

You can tell this is Europe by the shape of the tractor trailer. One of the first things Marga said when visiting the US was how all the trucks looked just like in the movies. For instance, compare the flat bus-face of a European truck with the long nose of an American truck.


Man, this traffic jam (window jamb?) is really bad! I wonder what could be causing it?


Typical! If I had a euro-cent for every time an enormously tall cross-country skier caused a traffic jam by blocking an entire lane of traffic…

  • Hilarious! I note from the last photo that the fuzz are getting involved so presumably they will soon be able to continue on their journeys to the end of the sill and then plummet headlong onto the floor. Conduzca los coches seguros del juguete!

  • Ha! I hadn’t noticed the policia were involved. Good eye.

  • Is that skier wearing an acorn on his head? If so, that might explain a lot. Um, or not.

  • Yeah all those skiers who wear acorns on their heads will be the end of me.

  • I just wanted to know if I comment from my flat in London if I get a UK flag.

  • Woohoo it worked!