Spider Puddle

July 19, 2007 By: erik Category: Photos, Reviews 607 views

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Glad to see you all survived the night. I watched Transformers last night. I’m not a big fan of the comic book genre, so I went in with low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. There’s something so geekily gleeful about a sports car that turns into a giant robot. The film required a lot of disbelief suspension, but the special effects were simply astounding. The line between which pixels were reflected light off someone’s skin and which were rendered by a computer is completely blurred now. Unlike the 21-year-old lead actors in this movie, I was the right age at the peak of the Transformers cartoon and action figures reign and recall deep envy of my friend, Jacob’s, Megatron toy.

Today just some random photos that don’t fit with anything else.CIMG3898

In a park in Bilbao, Spain.

Arachnid Umbra

This fellow crawled in my window the other day. He might be small, but he cast a menacing shadow!

  • Uncle Neil

    I can recommend a cool movie called ‘Primer’ by Shane Carruth. It is about a young group of garage computer geeks who discover a side effect that can alter time. It is the first movie I ever watched three times in 48 hours with continued interest to see it again. The dvd rental was good as it helped to view the extra special features to further understand the movie which I still don’t understand exactly what happened. This film was made by one of the young men, who also acted, with virtually no budget yet won two sundance film awards much deserved. Check out this science fiction film!