September 11th

September 11, 2007 By: erik Category: Musings, News 502 views

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Today marks the anniversary of the day I met my future wife. Eight years ago. So ours will be a story of 2,954 days between meeting and marriage. Longer than the average couple, I’m pretty sure. At least we got in before the 3,000 mark. Whew!

The meeting occurred within a few meters of latitude 55.676405, longitude 12.569352. Right about here:

There’s an often-photographed Burger King on that corner, “sandwiched” between a McDonalds and a KFC.


  • You show us where, but you don’t tell us how?!

  • The how is both pretty boring and disputed. We were introduced by a common friend, having both been invited by her to go out on the town that night with some other people. The BK’s a great meeting spot in Copenhagen.

    Marga remembers meeting inside the Burger King, and I remember the meeting taking place outside on that corner. Hence the “within a few meters” in the post. Clearly I’m mistaken.

    It was all pretty far from love-at-first-sight. I think my reaction was “she’s kinda cute”, and hers was “I’m definitely not hooking up with this guy!”

    I’ve actually sent a couple emails to the friend that introduced us, both informing her of and actually inviting her, despite the loss of contact, to the wedding, but I’ve heard nothing back. Understandable really, since I automatically discard most emails not from people in my address book.