Capitán Mani

September 12, 2007 By: erik Category: Food, Spain, USA 3,878 views

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Capitán ManiThere is only one brand of peanut butter I’ve been able to find in Spain. It comes in both crujiente and suave. The label on the plastic jar is an attempt to characterize Americans, so I have to share it with you.
Capitán Mani

A big goofy baseball player and some white-on-blue stars. Go America!

Capitán Mani ingredients

Capitán Mani peanut butter is an ideal afternoon snack for children and adolescents because of its nutrition and energy levels – without cholesterol. Thank Yahweh, it’s kosher!

A quick google search for Capitán Mani reveals…

  • The Processed Foods -> Sauces page of a site called that seems to specialize in shipping “American” foods to foreign countries.
  • A half-eaten jar for sale on Austrian eBay. How do you say “Gross!” in German?
  • A Spaniard’s rather anti-US blog entry where the writer concludes that the US is powerful and arrogant (true) and full of idiots (also somewhat true). He is quick to mention that he does love coca-cola, John Wayne movies and really loves Jennifer Connelly. With both pros and cons weighed up, he settles the tie by concluding the peanut butter sandwiches are disgusting.

As for quality, Capitán Mani is as good as your generic supermarket brand peanut butter, which is what I used to buy, in the US.

  • I LOVE Capitán Mani! It does the trick for me. 🙂

  • Makes me think of this.

    No need to thank me.

  • I have a hard enough time not hearing that song when I hear or see the word suave without your help. Grrrr!!!

    Your thanks is in the form of a hand gesture I’m making towards the west right now.

  • A gesture I more than deserve. I’m sorry. (she typed meekly)

  • We get Skippy over here. I’ve never seen that Capitán Mani brand before.

  • Heather

    Erik you are lucky to have the PB at all LOL there was no such thing when we lived there, and if you could find it, it was like $5 for the smallest jar ever 🙂

  • Hi! This is a correction to your post. A veces Soy Tremendo isn’t anti-USA blog. I think that you don’t understand the text about Captain Mani.

    In this post, I said that I’m not another sheep of the general anti-yankee movement. I said that there are losts of wonderful things and persons (long life to the MusicMan basses!!)(and stupid ones too, (to see to Irak, Guatemala, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Hiroshima, etc etc)…

    But I don’t like the “emparedados de mantequilla de cacahuete” (typical translation).

    I hope your spanish became better tha my english!


  • Tremendo, gracias por venir a dejar el comentario aquí­. Estoy de acuerdo con todo lo malo que dices de ee.uu. Pero sí­ que estás equivocado con lo de los sandwiches (aquí­ por lo menos se ha robado la palabra de inglés) de crema de cacahuete. Son buení­simos. Pero bueno…a los ingleses también les gusta Marmite y eso es más asqueroso que nada. Así­ que supongo que tiene mucho que ver con dónde te has creado.

    No eres una oveja. Ya veo, por solo un poste, que piensas mucho más que los de más. Bueno, otra vez, gracias por visitarme aquí­.


  • Leila

    I live in the Canary Islands (Spain, YES!) and since I can remember (the 70’s) whe got the Skippy peanut butter. Later on in the 80’s there were a numbr or brands, namely belgian or dutch besides Skippy. For two years I can only find Capitan Mani which I do not want to try since I have tried others and always came back to Skippy because of its taste, smoothness, quality, etc. And by the way I am Spanish but my parents raised us on Skippy sandwiches. It is my favourite treat and I am now condemmed not to eat them again!!! Sigh!

  • T.G.

    General consensus among my family, it tastes real awful.
    Maybe any food you are (force) feed since you can intake anything rather than milk with “special” flavour ends up been “special” on your life. I know that african children are feed with very strong hot food. They use pacifiers as hot that you would choke. So, as quick as I am to be horrified by such things I come to understand that may be there is a reason and yes, it saves child lives in that enviroment in Africa. The reason for that stuff of yours in US, well you know it and not it not saves any life, just keeps some pockets full, heh heh. Well is the World like it is for all now.

  • We just bought some of this as newly arrived Americans in Spain!