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Wedding RingsAlianzas is Spanish for “wedding rings”. We’ve finally bought ours. Choosing a piece of metal to have on my hand for the rest of my life was tough. During the shopping, I was consoled by my knowledge of how choices affect happiness. And sure enough, now that we have them (and are stuck with them), I love them!

On Friday, Marga went to the hairdresser that she will use on the morning of the wedding for a dry run, to know exactly what she’ll get on the important day. The salon was busy on Friday night, so the hairdresser told her to come back early Saturday morning. After she got her hair done, she, her mother, sister, and aunt pile in a car and drove to Santander, passing right by Colindres, to try on her wedding dress and get it perfectly tailored. I went, on Saturday morning, to pick up the rings, and shortly after, Marga’s father stopped by to pick me up and take me to Santander as well. We both had suits to get tailored as well! If all this seems complicated, I’ve left out some things for brevity’s sake.

Although I do have a few complaints about the shape and form of my body, I find that most manufactured clothes fit me quite well. When Marga, for instance, buys a pair of trousers, she must get them shortened, or modified in some other way, before she can wear them. What a pain that must be! Stuff normally fits me just fine. It’s either all too big or all too small. So anyway, my suit has to be modified my one millimeter in the sleeve of the jacket and shortened a little in the trousers (but they purposefully make them extra long to account for the super-lanky customers). Juan’s not have too much done either. A little shortened of the jacket tails.

No photos of the suits or dress. Gotta build the suspense! I haven’t even seen the dress yet. The womenfolk won’t let me.

You can see the rings, though. We went with a two-tone, white and yellow gold. The jewelers told us that white gold loses its shine easily and must be maintained with cleaning every few years. But that having tougher yellow gold on the edges tends to protect the white gold from the normal wear and tear. There were so many to choose from and all looked good. The ones we got stood out to me because of the way they sparkle. Rather than being smooth and round, the white part is made up of short straight segments that catch the light in a nice way.

Wedding Rings

Marga - 13-10-07

For lack of anything wittier to say, they are engraved with the name of the other person and the date of the wedding.

Sorry, I'm taken

Sorry, ladies! I’m spoken for.

That's Missus, not Miss

Not a señorita much longer…

Freckly Hand

My hand modeling career didn’t go very well.

Shiny band

Marga actually told me that, when she first saw my hands when we met, she thought I was sick or something. Definitely not worth dating.

The Touch of Marriage

A spousal touch.

Boxed Rings

They even threw in this little box!

Aunt Marga and her crazy American nephew

Aunt Marga and her crazy American nephew.

Shoe shopping.  Yawn!

After lunch, there was much shoe shopping. Yaaaawwwnn…

I’ve never really worn a ring, so it feels pretty awkward. No doubt I’ll adjust quickly…

  • Betsy

    Excellent choice! Do married Spaniards wear their rings on the right hand or were you just being superstitious about not putting them on the left before their time?

  • They’re worn on the right hand here. I’m glad to hear your question, because I was vaguely sure that it was the left in the US. My left ring finger is smaller than my right, so it’s good that we sized it for the right hand.

  • Congratulations on being perfectly proportioned. I tend to find that trousers which are the right length are too big in the waist, and if they’re fine around the middle, they’re too short. OK, enough about my trousers.
    You’ll get used to the ring, and probably start unconsciously tapping it against things like your coffee mug, which is a great way to annoy people.

  • Thanks, Simon. I’m always looking for new ways to annoy people.

  • Beautiful rings! Yes, the which hand to wear it on is quite the dilemma, I think I may switch mine to the left when I’m in the US just to avoid questions! LOL

    P.S. Glad you enjoyed the Tom Petty post. 🙂

  • Heather

    It took awhile to adjust checking the right hand for a ring when you were checking a guy out lol, but you know what we learned, they don’t all wear rings, which sucked, so you never really knew if you were flirting with a married man or not which was like uh YIKES……..

  • I was wondering about the hand as well when I saw the first pictures. My first thought was, “Is he left handed?” Thinking that maybe it was like a watch where it is worn on the opposite hand. Then I saw Marga’s ring on the right hand as well and figured the odds of you both being left handed was crazy enough to not be the case.

    I’ve never taken my ring off. It’s going to be weird to take off for a cleaning in the future… maybe they can clean it while it’s on my hand. 🙂

    Is that the shoe store you were glad to be out of when I called on Saturday? …kinda cool to see a spot that is being described to you.

  • How odd. I’ve never considered how important this wedding ring hand position is to people.

    While we’re on the subject… I casually mentioned to the jeweler that sold us the rings that my mother had said that, due to joint swelling or something, she was no longer able to remove her wedding ring. The jeweler said this was very serious and that my mother should come into the shop as soon as possible and have it cut off. I explained that it was a little inconvenient for my mother to come to the shop in Colindres, but that I’d tell her. The jeweler explained something about how it’s important to have a jeweler cut off “stuck” rings so that you don’t end up having it cut off at the hospital (should you have a finger emergency, I presume). Apparently the jewelers have special tools for ring cutting that hospital staff to do not. It seemed a little alarmist to me, but I’ve already shown how ignorant I am of finger bling.

    No, Alan, that wasn’t the exact shop. The shop where you rescued me was about six shops after this one. It was similar, of course. My future father-in-law and I were standing out on the curb watching traffic go through a horribly designed round-a-bout, both convinced that, if we stood there for at least ten minutes, we’d witness an accident. None occurred. Round-a-bouts have some sort of magical property that makes them safer than they should logically be.

  • My father had to have his cut off. I can’t remember exactly why he needed it off… chemo or something similar. He had not taken his off for something like 18 years. I guess they repaired the ring as he was able to wear it again.
    Sometime later he was driving a school bus of kids with his arm and hand hanging out the driver’s window. Due to loss of weight from the chemo his ring slipped off his finger and out the window. They stopped the bus and he, my mom and 16 kids scoured the road. They were way out in the country so this wasn’t a dangerous activity. The never found it.

    My mom knows what stretch of road it was lost on. I’ve always wanted to rent a metal detector and go back to search for it.

  • My mom knows what stretch of road it was lost on. IÂ’ve always wanted to rent a metal detector and go back to search for it.

    That sounds like a great activity to do on a Saturday afternoon with two young boys. Particularly if you sprinkled some quarters around in the search area first. Yours might not be old enough yet, though.

    All this ring cutting talk has got me a little concerned. Now I’ve got images of one of these near my fingers. Yikes!

  • Betsy

    Nice image, Erik. When I had my cortisone injection into the finger next to the ring one to alleviate my trigger finger, the hand Doc mentioned that excess swelling might necessitate a midnight trip to the ER to have the ring cut off. Luckily this wasn’t necessary. Still I think that I will ease on into a local jewelery store and ask about humane ring removal. The jeweler next door owes me some favors so I’ll try him tomorrow.

  • Heather

    Cutting off the ring isn’t for specific finger injury, anything life threatening your clothes AND jewelry get cut off, to access any area they need too……….

    Erik have the jeweler do it when your mom comes for the wedding 🙂

  • amy

    very beautiful rings, but frankly, extended discussion regarding cutting anything attached to a human body is not my thing. very much looking forward to the wedding, and meeting our spanish counterparts. wanted to let you know that we are having some difficulty nailing the exact date we will be joining the festivities (it will be by friday for sure). so, don’t worry about reservations prior to that for us, and if we plan to arrive wed or thurs, we will take care of our reservations. thanks….amy