Could you become a US citizen?

October 01, 2007 By: erik Category: Stuff I Found, USA 796 views

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The INS is trying to make the questions on the immigration test less trivial and more relevant. Obviously, it need not be said that, of the 80% of Americans that can find the US on a map, probably 99% of them would fail this test.

Turn over your test papers……NOW!


Okay, everyone put down your pencils!

According to NBC News, you have to get 80% or higher. I scored 90%, and on both that I missed, I selected the right answer first and then changed it. Oops.

Number 8 seems a little too hard. Do people really need to know the numbers of each amendment?

I’d be interested in knowing how my non-US-citizen readers scored. Don’t feel bad if you fail. Can you imagine how all of us yanks would score on questions about your country?

  • Oh, boy, I only got a 60%. Guess it’s a good thing I don’t live there anymore!

  • Wow! That is not a very easy quiz. I only missed one (the numbered amendment one you refer to), but I had to think pretty hard on several of the questions. I don’t know what sort of constitutional/American history study is required for citizenship, but unless it’s more rigorous than that going on in most schools, tests along these lines are going to be too tough.

    (And despite what my flag icon may indicate, I’m an American citizen.)

  • Paul

    Tough test! I scored 90%, with many guesses. I would have been lucky to score 50% if I had taken it without the multiple choices available, as is apparently required – “Candidates are not given multiple choices in the naturalization interview, which is conducted orally.”

  • Wow! Orally? There’s no way I could name all original 13 states. But when one of the answers contains “New Zealand”, it simplifies things. A couple years ago, I sat down and tried to list all 50 states. I think I got to about 38 before I couldn’t think of any more. It’s not easy.

  • Wow. I only missed one (about amendments) but I sweated about 5 of them.

    My civics/govt class in middle school consisted of the teacher making us spend the entire period copying the chapter word for word, so I didn’t learn any of this there.

  • 65%.
    Guess I’ll have to resign myself to staying British. I shall now drown my sorrows in a nice cup of tea.

  • Paul

    Simon, it shouldn’t take more than a drop of that tea. There isn’t much good about being an American (excuse me – North American) these days. Our post-WWII boom put a TV in every home, and we started electing actors to our highest posts. Years of TV commercials have made Madison Avenue highly skilled in persuasion, and poor education and parenting have made us dumber than ever. Norte Americano gullibility is at an all-time high. We even elected W to a second term after loads of evidence of his lack of cognitive and verbal skills. Even after all the brouhaha by Congress about stopping the aggression expenses, they just approved another 150 billion yesterday. Better print more money.

    No, my friends, now is not a good time to study up for that test. If you could emigrate here, you would be way too smart for us, and would have nobody to talk to. If it is true about having to score 80% on that test taking it verbally with no multiple choices to choose from, I feel confident saying that less than one US citizen in 5,000 would pass.

  • Got a 95% as I didn’t know which INS form to use.
    No guessing needed.

    Take your Madison Avenue and shove it.