Free Dinner

November 25, 2007 By: erik Category: Food, Photos 715 views

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This Saturday, we returned to the restaurant where we had our wedding celebration, Etxe Aundi, to eat a dinner for two on the house. Apparently they were pleased with our 10,000€ business.

Foie paté to start with… There was more ham, too, but it didn’t survive the time it took me to get out the camera.


Marinated clams, the most expensive starter on the menu (25€). I will never be able to eat clams without thinking of my great aunt, Betty.

Creamy Fish Dish

Some creamy fish dish that Marga ordered.

Sirloin Steak STUFFED with Foie!

My plate: Sirloin steak stuffed with foie gras, with a side of potato puré. This meat was so good that my eyes involuntarily closed from pleasure with each bite. Unbelievable!

Ice Cream Sampler

For the dessert, Marga chose more wisely than I. This was her ice cream sampler with raspberry sauce.

Cheesecake Ice Cream with fruit

Mine was cheesecake ice cream with a side of apples, bananas and kiwis.

We had a nice Rioja with the meal, and a coffee and brandy to finish it off. When it was time to go, we thanked the waitress and walked out the door. That’s a nice experience.

  • Paul

    That is some fine looking food. I certainly enjoyed our dinner there. I printed this entry so your great aunt’s brother could read it this evening at dinner. Like you, I think of Aunt Betty every time I eat clams or mussels.

  • Yum! And free too? Well, after what you shelled out at wedding, I guess the least they could do was to give you a free meal. And maybe, they’re thinking ahead to the day when there might be a First Communion to celebrate. Those cost almost as much as a wedding. 😉

  • Food porn!
    The steak does look good. And that’s a hell of a lot of fish on Marga’s plate.

  • Uncle Neil

    It must have been nice for you and Marga to have such a good meal at a place you know well and with memories to rekindle. It’s already been more than a month. Did it bring back memories and conversation about the wedding? Maybe you will return again on your anniversaries.

  • Theresa, yes, I suspect these restaurants know the value of treating newly weds nicely for exactly that reason.

    Simon, the fish were small, but it was still a large serving for such a posh restaurant.

    Neil, some memories, yes. It’s all still to recent for much nostalgia, though. And the restaurant is pretty far away from where we live for anniversaries. So far, I don’t feel that it’s such a special place, but it might get more important to me as time passes. Nostalgia is a strange phenomenon that’s hard to judge in advance.