Justice, greatness, democracy, and peace

January 12, 2008 By: erik Category: Music, News, Spain 905 views

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Man, talk about winning a poetry contest! Some 52-year-old bloke, named Paulino Cubero, has won the competition to author the lyrics to the Spanish National Anthem. Coming from the super-duper patriotic, “pledge allegiance to the flag every morning in elementary school”, United States to a country where they don’t even have lyrics for the national anthem is a shock. National pride is something Spain could use a lot of, with all its separatist states. Anyway, the winning lyrics are:

¡Viva España!
Cantamos todos juntos
con distincta voz
y un solo corazón.

¡Viva España!
Desde los verdes valles
Al inmenso mar
Un himno de hermandad

Ama a la Patria
pues sabe abrazar
bajo su cielo azul
pueblos en libertad

Gloria a los hijos
que a la Historia dan
justicia y grandeza
democracia y paz.

Long live Spain,
we sing it all together,
with different voices
and a single heart.

Long live Spain,
from the green valleys
to the immense sea,
a hymn of brotherhood.

Love for the homeland
which embraces us,
under the blue sky,
peoples in freedom.

Glory to the sons
who History will bless with
justice and greatness,
democracy and peace.

You can read more about this here (in English), where I stole this translation from.

This YouTube video is pretty cute, too.

I like how they chose to use photos of Gloria Estefan (the first result on Google Image Search, even) and Melanie Olivares (who plays a character called Paz on a popular television sit-com) to represent the word “gloria” and “paz” respectively.

  • Heather

    That’s cool 🙂 I am up at 6 in the morning trying to figure out why on earth I’ve dreamt about Colindres 3 nights in a row now………

    Makes me sad 🙁