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Moving from the US to the UK to Europe, which all use different shoe size metrics, means that when I’m shoe shopping and the shoe salesperson asks me what size I wear, I no longer have any idea what to say. I look like an idiot while I start examining my current shoes to find a size number, and, before I do, the shop attendant guesses by eye and leaves to bring me some shoes to try on.

Marga added some insoles to her favorite boots yesterday. Somehow, these insoles had followed us from the UK. The dotted lines intrigued me. So, while she was cutting the left foot, I stole the right and snapped a few photos.Whole Insole

I think I’m either 44 or 45 in Europe.

UK-to-Euro Shoe Size Conversion Chart

UK-to-Europe shoe size conversion chart.

  • Add one more to the list: we have the same size feet.

  • Does that make us sole mates?

    Let me know if you ever need to borrow my iMacs.

  • You two frighten me a little.

    This insole confuses me. I wear a women’s 10 American/40 European (or sometimes 41 depending on the shoe), which is not ever a Ladies 8, unless a Ladies 8 is some other country’s equivalent of 10 or 40.

    And why does it only go to a Ladies 8 anyway? Are those of us who do not have teeny tiny feet expect to do just eyeball it and hope for the best?

  • Maybe it’s a Ladies 8 on the UK scale, which is where these insoles are from? As stated, I’m pretty clueless about this stuff. I do think that Mondopoint is a cool word, though.

  • Yeah, I didn’t realize there was difference until this Christmas when I went to pick up Amy a new pair of birkenstocks. I freaked out a bit when I first saw the sizes on the shoes.

  • Erik: I’ve got a book I need to send you. I think you will completely geek out over it like I did.

  • Shoe sizes give me a headache over here too, not because I don’t know what size I have, but because I wear size 41. Unless I go at the beginning of the season, I usually have no chance of getting the shoes I like…and even then it can be hard. Lots of the cheaper places don’t stock that size for womens’ shoes at all. And those pointy toe shoes that are (still) in style make my feet look huge…ugh, I hope it’ll change soon. 🙁