MHNATY – May His Noodly Appendage Touch You

January 29, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Geeky, Religion 3,802 views

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MHNATYSince November, 2005, my Pastafarian friend, Hubbers, and I have been signing our emails to each other with the word “mhnaty”. It has recently come to my attention, that Google is completely ignorant of this wonderful acronym. This is a travesty that I’m writing this post to rectify.

Mhnaty is a religious-based parting salutation just like goodbye, adieu, adiós, or vaya con dios. It doesn’t mean a literal desire for you to be physically divinely fondled. It’s simply a metaphoric wish that you may live a blessed life, in which His Noodleness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, plays an important positive role.


Niklas Jansson’s adaptation of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam depicts the Flying Spaghetti Monster in its typical guise as a clump of tangled spaghetti with two eyestalks, two meatballs, and many “noodly appendages”.

There, now that’s cleared up.

May your noodles be al dente and your meatballs be hot.

Oh, and don’t forget to do your part to fight global warming by encouraging your child to become a pirate.


  • I think you need to go snag that domain right now.

  • I was going to wait to get a few diggs first.

  • What really annoys me is that my blog used to rate at number 1 spot for MHNATY but now it isn’t there at all. When I received the blessing of the Noodly One with his favour in the rankings I knew he was watching over me.

    Strangely even though his Noodliness has seemingly abandoned me it makes me believe in him even more and I realise that I must have done something to displease him so now I must work even harder to please him.


  • Your MHNATY references didn’t make it over from blogger to wordpress, huh? That’s too bad.

    I do agree that misfortune tends to strengthen my Faith in Him. Stay strong and His noodly appendages will touch you again. MHNATY, Hubs.

  • When he favours me I know He is The One and when he punishes me in know He The One even more. Only The One could have that sort of power over us unworthy mortals. Further proof that he is The One and that only through Him can we get to the great Bolognese in the sky.

    MHNATY Erik

  • Erik and Hubbers: What really frightens me is the possibility that you were both stone cold sober while typing these comments.

  • Jane, fear not, my child, for a good Chianti can accompany most any pasta dish.


  • Derrick

    Aye, glad to see you have done your part to for FSM and you will someday will be enjoying the stripper factories and beer volcanos.

    And Mhnaty

  • Laura

    Is there any pronunciation key for mhnaty? I am embarrassed to say that I am at a loss for how to actually say it.

  • No, Laura, there is no official pronunciation. It’s more of a text-only salutation. I would suggest choosing one or two of the words it stands for to make a brief spoken departure. Something like “touch you!” or “noodly!” would work, with the other words being implied.

    MHNATY, Laura.