Pick Your Candidate By Issues

January 30, 2008 By: erik Category: Politics, Stuff I Found, USA, Voting 803 views

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Here’s a novel idea! What if, bear with me on this, voters actually chose their candidates based on the candidates’ stances on important issues! I know that sounds like complete insanity. It definitely has nothing to do with the high school popularity contest with which we choose our leaders.

But just in case you wanted to vote in an intelligent manner, I’d recommend you check out this link: Pick Your Candidate.

It’s a clever little script written by some dude name Matt Waterman. Good work, Matt!

Since it ranks by the fewest disagreements, that would seem to favor candidates, like Gravel, who have unknown stances on many issues. Not surprisingly, my closest match was Dennis Kucinich, who, as you may recall, astonished me by making the most sense in the first debate. Apparently people are complaining that the script favors Kucinich, and Matt is trying to rectify things. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was really true that Kucinich is the closest match for a lot of people and that they were surprised by this because no one votes by issue.

The script also says that I disagree with certain candidates on some issues that I was pretty sure we agreed on. Of course it’s so hard to actually get a candidate to take a yes or no position on anything that these scores can only be an estimate anyway.

Great link, though. Thanks to Simon for mentioning the link.

  • Betsy

    Probably not surprisingly, I came up with Kucinich too, Erik. Unfortunately he is no longer in the (presidential not human) race. Some of the candidates are downright scary, but I think the ones at the ends of the bell curve will be eliminated soon anyway.

  • I think all the points you make about Kucinich and how people vote are probably spot on.

    And yeah, he was my closest match as well. I expected that though.

  • A

    “I Heart Kuci” Sorry, that’s from the official Kucinich coffee mug from a ’03, or whenever that was. I came up with Kucinich as well, but to no surprise. While I appreciate what you’re saying about a hs popularity contest, it makes me so mad. Sigh.

  • Paul

    I heard about this on National Public Radio (NPR), where there was quite a bit of discussion as to whether this was actually a Kucinich promotional site. It was compared to the telephone surveys where, if you express support for a candidate, the caller follows their script and says something like “Would you still support Clinton if you knew that she took drugs in college?”

    I, too, was told that Kucinich is the guy I should be voting for.

  • That would be a pretty clever way to trick people into voting for your candidate, that’s for sure. However, I do think that if you all, like I did, responded to all those issues with a general “We need to undo all the horrible wrongs the Bush administration has done” attitude, then Kucinich really is was the natural choice.

  • I liked Caroline Kennedy\’s take on the election which she shared in the New York Times. The bottom line of her thoughts is that the candidates are so close on the issues that how about if we find a president who can inspire the country. I thought it was a nice angle. Disclaimer: At this moment I\’m pulling for Obama even if that test said that Kucinich was my man.

    …although we would have the Hottest First Lady EVER if he was to win. 🙂

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  • Alan, that word is not on the list, so there’s no earthly explanation why it should show up on your screen. So the call must be coming from inside the house!

    (kidding. replaced with ‘life’)

  • Erik: That “must be coming from inside the house!” thing cracked me up.