Happy Fat Super Tuesday

February 05, 2008 By: erik Category: Travel, USA 458 views

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I’m blogging from my hometown’s first wifi-enabled coffee shop. Woohoo!

I’ve never felt more like a Mac yuppie as I did just now when my MacBook Pro’s screen dimmed as I was spreading cream cheese on my bagel.

Coffee shop across from courthouse

That’s the old Morganton courthouse in the background. Lots of hangings there in the old days.

  • Yuppie scum.

    Good old Morganton. You know, I think I have only ever been there once. I mean, you know, there was just so much to do in Marion….

  • We tried a handful of times to be the “Mac yuppies” you speak of during our trip, but the WiFi never worked. When we’d ask why not, they’d tell us it had something to do with our having neglected to give them £10. So we learned to live without internet.

    I KNOW!

  • sgazzetti: What? WHAT!?!?!?