Dough Rising

March 03, 2008 By: erik Category: Food, Timelapse, Videos 451 views

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The last time I made pizza, I set up my camera to watch the dough rise for an hour. This video is the result. You must watch all 62 minutes of it, or my feelings will be hurt.

I think it’s interesting how it clearly reaches a point where it can no longer sustain upward growth against gravity, and collapses, exhausted.

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  • I’m sure I remember that thing from an old episode of Star Trek

  • See, Simon, now you’ve gone and made me learn a piece of useless trivia. From your Wikipedia link:

    William Shatner’s father died during the filming of this episode. He was offered the afternoon off to prepare for funeral arrangements, but insisted on completing the scenes where Kirk and Spock search for the Horta. The scenes where Spock mind-melds with it were filmed with a stand in filling in for Shatner, and shot from behind him. Upon his return from his father’s funeral, Shatner filmed reaction shots which were integrated into the mind meld sequence. He has stated that the kindness and support lent him by Nimoy and Gene Roddenberry during filming after his bereavement made this episode his favorite of the original series.

  • I do apologise for MAKING you learn Star Trek trivia…

  • You’re forgiven. Btw, I found the “Horta” on YouTube. I’ve seen better special effects in a kindergarten play. No doubt we’ll look back at our current TV shows in 30 years and think how silly they look.

  • I thought that Simon was referring to the ST characters which have evolved so far that they are basically nothing but bulbous brains. I don’t remember the exact episode but more dedicated Trek fans than I probably will.