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March 24, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Complaining, House, Photos 451 views

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Easter WeatherJust a little more wacky weather whinging. All last night there was hail pelting our windows, and today I see that we’ve got several more days of downpours in the future. It plainly does not mainly rain in the plains in Spain…how inane.
La Ermita de las Nieves

This is a photo that I took three weeks ago from our living room window. There’s a little church, called La Ermita de las Nieves (The Chapel of the Snows), on the top of that mountain. They say you can see for miles and miles from up there. Just as soon as a high visibility day comes along, I’m going.

La Ermita de las Nieves

This is the view as of this morning. How appropriate.

Snowy Horizon

A wider horizon shot.

Hail on Window

I took this last night. That’s hail buildup on the window. This is one of the slanted windows in our dining room. I had to lie down on the floor under the window to take this shot. I like the reflection of the room.

Easter Weather

And here’s the forecast for this week. Ugh!

  • Dude, that sucks. We’re in for some colder and rainier/snowier weather this week but I think it will be considerably milder than what you’re dealing with.

    I love all these photos, by the way.

  • Thanks, Jane.

    Those temperatures are in centigrade, by the way. Just in case any of you yanks thought we’d be needing snow shoes or anything.

  • That rock outcropping the chapel is built on looks very interesting. It reminds me of the geology of the Castle Hill in Edinburgh. I imagine you’ll be in for an interesting hike when you finally head up there.

  • Hey, I’ve just found a panoramic photo on Flickr that was taken from that little church. Now I really can’t wait to go myself.