Old Colindres Photos

April 01, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain 572 views

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For some reason, the other day I thought I’d search Flickr for photos of Colindres. I, of course, am the dominant supplier of Colindres photos to the internet. But in amongst my photos of flowers and bollards, I found some nice ones from long ago, showing just how much Colindres has changed in recent years.

Of course these won’t interest any of you nearly as much as they interest me, but I’m posting them anyway.

Colindres Town Hall, 1948

Colindres, 1958. Notice the complete absence of all of Laredo’s sprawl to the right.

Colindres, 1962

Colindres, 1962. You can clearly see the town church. If you look across the street from the church and up a little bit, you can see the crumbling mansion with the widow’s walk.

Colindres Town Hall Square, 1962.

A main Colindres intersection, 1967.

Colindres from a hillside, 1967.

It’s pretty amazing how much Colindres has grown in just 45 years.

  • Of course these wonÂ’t interest any of you nearly as much as they interest me, but IÂ’m posting them anyway.

    What would interest me is for you to take “after” photos and put a before/after thing together.

  • That’s a good idea. Unfortunately my flying car prototype isn’t yet complete.

    I’ll try to figure out a way to replicate them as best I can without a helicopter.