My Hometown is Gone

April 17, 2008 By: erik Category: Family, Geeky, USA, Weird 531 views

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This morning, I went to check something on my Mac OS X dashboard, which contains several weather widgets for various locations that I care about. One of them is my hometown, Morganton, where my parents still live. So you can imagine my horror when a javascript malfunction in the widget code produced these values1:

Morganton Ceases to Exist

Without a moment’s hesitation, I immediately fired off a worried email to my parents, asking if they were okay. My father quickly wrote back:

We are doing OK. We have had to burn most of the furniture to keep warm, and of course, we cannot go outside at all. We are down to one dog now, and it is just the little one, but we are hopeful the weather will break in time for truckers to resume serving this area. Thawing ice for drinking water is probably our biggest concern right now, as we are having to use body heat for that.

How are things in Spain?


1NaN stands for “not a number”, and is what javascript gives you when you perform an illegal arithmetic computation, such as dividing by zero.

  • Your Dad is awesome.

  • I agree that Paul is awesome – especially his utilitarian approach to peticide. Each pets life is equal but only one has more tasty succulent flesh to feast on.

    He’d be welcome in my zombie shelter any day. Especially if he brought that other tasty dog of yours and some spare shotgun shells.

  • Hubbers, I’m sorry, but “peticide” is not a word. I think you mean caninabalism.

  • Your chances of getting in the zombie shelter are looking up as we haven’t got a dictionary either.

    Don’t forget the dogelicious pet.

  • Paul

    Carl: We didn’t save the Westie for last because he has the most fat. Frankly, it is not easy to catch a Westie. Who eats who is still in question here.