North Carolina Primary Results

May 07, 2008 By: erik Category: Politics, USA, Voting 747 views

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Before sending off my absentee ballot in March, I took photos of each side of the filled-in ballot so that I could remember who I voted for and compare my votes with the final results.

Contest My Vote Winning Candidate Match
Presidential Preference Barack Obama Barack Obama Y
US Senate Kay Hagan Kay Hagan Y
Governor Bev Purdue Bev Purdue Y
Lieutenant Governor Hampton Dellinger Walter H. Dalton N
Auditor Beth A. Wood Beth A. Wood Y
Commissioner of Insurance David C. Smith Wayne Goodwin N
Commissioner of Labor Mary Fant Donnan Mary Fant Donnan Y
Superintendent of Public Instruction Eddie Davis June St. Clair Atkinson N
Treasurer Janet Cowell Janet Cowell Y
Court of Appeals Judge James A. Wynn James A. Wynn Y
District Court of Appeals Sam J. Ervin, IV Sam J. Ervin, IV Y
District Court Judge District 10 Anna Elena Worley Anna Elena Worley Y

Frankly, I’m quite pleased with 75% of my votes winning.

Strangely, the Commissioner of Labor contest was incredibly close. Of more than a million votes, the final breakdown was

Mary Fant Donnan 333688 27.56%
Ty Richardson 290926 24.03%
Robin Anderson 292002 24.12%
John C. Brooks 294111 24.29%

That’s seriously close. Mary Fant Donnan won by fewer than 39,577 votes from the runner-up and only 42,762 votes from the candidate that got the fewest votes. Amazing!

Obama gave another one of his speeches. The first time we heard one of these, we were all amazed, but now it more like, “Yeah, so Picasso painted another masterpiece…ho..hum…”.

Go Barack!

  • I ran into Jimmy Ervin (Sam J, IV) a couple of weeks ago and told him that you had gotten your absentee ballot and intended to vote for him. A modest man, he said, ‘Oh good, that’s three: your son, me and my mother’. I’m glad that he has won this stage of his race.

  • Apparently Obama just walked into the bar I went to in February and bought a Pabst Blue Ribbon, and tipped the bartender 900%. The bartender he tipped is my friend’s future brother-in-law. Cool.

  • Erik,

    I got bored at work today and ran into your website. If you recall we grew up in the same neighborhood. Sounds like you’re living quite the exciting life and congratulations on that.