Desk Traffic

May 14, 2008 By: erik Category: House, Photos, Photoshop, Weird 635 views

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Do you know what happens on your office desk at night? Last night, I got up to get a drink of water, and I heard some noise coming from the office. When I went to investigate, I was amazed…
Desk Traffic

Information Superhighway

I arrived at this particular spark of creativity by the idea of making a tilt-shifted photograph look like a model sitting on my desk. Then I asked myself what other objects might I photoshop onto my desk. A quick search for Creative Commons images of cars later, I found an appropriate photo of cars to use. I particularly liked all the reflection of the headlights off of the road and other cars. The desk and keyboard are mine. Photoshop is fun.

  • Great pic – you could sell that one.

    What is the deal with Creative Commons? if they are using that license you can just take their pics?

  • The gist is that if you license your work with the Creative Commons Attribution License, you are giving others permission to adapt, modify, and build on your work as long as they give you credit for the original when they republish it. As I understand it, I’m not allowed to actually make money from the sale of the photo above, either.

    When searching for photos on Flickr, for instance, if you go to “Advanced Search”, you have the option of selecting either or both of: A) content to use commercially, or B) content to modify, adapt, or build upon. So, if you want, you can release your photos on Flickr as public domain and let Pepsi make a million-dollar ad from it. Or you can use the Attribution License to let other people use it non-commercially as long as they link to you.

    From what I can tell, the Attribution License is a win-win situation, as long the rights can be sorted out if someone ever wants to use a byproduct commercially. It’s totally unclear what percentage of profit from the image I’ve created should be given to the original photographer.