What are those crazy Spanish soccer fans saying?

July 02, 2008 By: erik Category: Soccer, Spain, Weird 5,191 views

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This page is about blog traffic. To learn about Spanish Soccer Chants, click here.

It’s not much, but over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed several visitors coming to my blog, particularly from Germany and Austria, searching for things like “What does ‘a por ellos‘ mean?” and “What does ‘podemos‘ mean?” The answers to those questions are, indeed, here on my blog, here and here respectively. These two phrases that people are searching for are the two main Spanish soccer chants. Obviously the Spanish soccer team got some attention lately, particularly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It’s just neat when current events affect my traffic. I’m already starting to get hits for next week’s San Fermin festival.

Searches for “podemos” broken down by country.

A por ellos!

Various phrases of “a por ellos” that were searched for. I particularly like the “a por ellos oe a por ellos what does it mean” one…as if Google is going to understand what the pronoun “it” is referring to. Actually, Google’s pretty smart, so it might…