Voice of a Pork Sandwich

July 26, 2008 By: erik Category: Food, Internet, Partying 755 views

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Sandwich PartyLast December, I participated in an international blogosphere Sandwich Party, put on by two lovely hostesses, Elsa and Jane, in which all the participants made and ate a sandwich and photo-blogged the process. This concept may seem very strange, but I am absolutely certain that this kind of thing will become more and more prevalent in the coming decade: strangers from around the globe banding together via the internet to participate in a creative project.

Well, the second Sandwich Party is this weekend, and I have prepared and consumed my entry. My regular readers won’t be surprised by what they find at the bottom of this post, but perhaps some of the other Sandwich Partiers that happen by will.

My sandwich entry for the July 2008 Sandwich Party is more or less a recreation of the sandwich I order almost every Thursday night when the missus and I go out dancing. Pork fillets, onions, peppers, melted cheese, and mustard. Delicious.

Sandwich Party: Ingredients

It’s very common here to find these fillets of pork that have been rolled/marinated in garlic. It’s called lomo al ajillo.

Sandwich Party: Onions

Chopped onions.

Sandwich Party: Red Peppers

Chopped peppers.

Sandwich Party: Video Studio

Camera set up to watch over things.

Sandwich Party: Cheesy Peppery Goodness

The final result.

Sandwich Party: Final Result


But what does the voice of a pork sandwich sound like?

Music by Jimbo Mathus & Knockdown South.

You can follow other Sandwich Party developments on the Flickr Group or on Jane’s Sandwich Party page.

  • yummy – when can we come by? 🙂

  • Man, that looks good.

  • Paul

    Now I’m hungry. I don’t have any pork in the house, or I would make that right now for breakfast.

  • Oooohhhh. Love the melted cheese and mustard. And peppers. The pork is a nice touch too…

  • yep, i just about live on bocadillos de lomo here… we don’t have lomo back home, and if i ever leave spain that would definitely be one thing i would miss… oh and a good rioja, and….

  • What kinda cheese did you use? That looks like the cheap “singles” cheese. Do you guys have that cheese over there? Please tell me it isn’t that kinda cheese. 🙂

  • Alan, those were individually plastic-wrapped preprocessed singles. Sorry to disappoint you. I’ll do better next time.

  • A

    Love it!