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July 15, 2008 By: erik Category: Geeky, News, Photos, Spain

iPhone BlogOn July 14, 2008, three days after the official international launch date, I purchased an iPhone 3G.

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I went to check the page to find the local dealers in Bilbao and Santander that were selling iPhones to call them up and check if they had any available. But to my surprise, there was a store in nearby Laredo listed! I called them up in the morning to ask if they had any iPhones and they said that a shipment was due “either this afternoon or tomorrow morning”. So I said I’d be in the next morning to buy one.

San Fermin 2008

July 14, 2008 By: erik Category: Bulls, Partying, Photos, Spain, Travel, Videos

Thats a lotta Bull!We didn’t really have any plans this weekend. On Saturday it was drizzling all day long, so we didn’t leave the house much. But on Sunday we decided, “Heck, the biggest party in the world right now is only 2 hours away. People travel from literally the other side of the world to go to it. We should go!”

Plus, it gave me a chance to meet a second person on my blogroll. This is the second person that I have actually had a beer with after meeting them, and following their life, on the internet. You may recall the first was when I spotted Scott from South Dakota, an American video blogger in Laredo, in a local bar. I’ve been following the lives of Theresa, an americana in Pamplona (The Rain in Spain… on my blogroll), and her family for well over a year now.

So I sent Theresa an email, we exchanged mobile numbers, Marga and I watched the Sunday morning bull run live on television, and off we went to Pamplona! (more…)

Coolest Timelapse I've Seen In a While

July 11, 2008 By: erik Category: Stuff I Found, Timelapse

This video is pretty much everything I want to be able to do with nature-related timelapse photography. Unbelievable.

The iPhone in Spain

July 11, 2008 By: erik Category: Complaining, Geeky, News, Spain

What’s the deal with the iPhone in Spain? Well, I’ll tell you. Today is July 11, 2008, the international iPhone 3G launch date. And there are no iPhones in the stores in Spain. The local Telefonica outlet in my little town has no information whatsoever about the iPhone. Telefonica is the telephone monopoly in Spain, very much the equivalent of AT&T. Their mobile phone branch of business is called Movistar, which is a bizarre Spanglish play on words, since móvil is Spanish for “mobile”.

Jesus was a cracker

July 11, 2008 By: erik Category: Religion, USA

I’ve been following this story, in utter disbelief, for a few days now. I can’t describe it any better than PZ Myers (which sounds like the name of a circus or ice cream mogul), so I give you a short clipping of his post.

There are days when it is agony to read the news, because people are so goddamned stupid. Petty and stupid. Hateful and stupid. Just plain stupid. And nothing makes them stupider than religion.

Here’s a story that will destroy your hopes for a reasonable humanity.

Webster Cook says he smuggled a Eucharist, a small bread wafer that to Catholics symbolic of the Body of Christ after a priest blesses it, out of mass, didn’t eat it as he was supposed to do, but instead walked with it.

This isn’t the stupid part yet. He walked off with a cracker that was put in his mouth, and people in the church fought with him to get it back. It is just a cracker!

Grab your jaw so it doesn’t hit the floor too hard and read this:

Sunny Morning Walk

July 10, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain

Sea Gulls Take FlightAfter slathering on some sunscreen, I grabbed my camera and set out on a long coastal walk this morning. What follows are items that caught my eye. Come, walk with me…and be sure to check out the panoramas.

Ceramic Bulldog

July 08, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, House, Photos

Ceramic BulldogIn preparation for hosting our July 4th party, we had to move a table that we had never really moved since we moved into our house. Most of our furniture came from the previous owners, and this table was no different. Also on the table, left by the previous owners, is a ceramic bulldog. Upon first seeing it, both Marga and I exclaimed, “Oh my god! How horrible!” We immediately agreed that we couldn’t stand having that thing in the house and we agreed to throw it away. But, in the move, actually discarding it got overlooked, and it’s been there ever since.

Cactus Flowers 2008 – Now in HD!

July 07, 2008 By: erik Category: Geeky, Photos, Science, Timelapse, Videos

Cactus Flowers 2008Over the past weekend, I took three different timelapse videos of my flowering cactus over three separate evenings. The results are quite lovely. Each frame was captured as a 5.7 MiB, 1944×1296 pixel, “small RAW” file, I sized them down to the maximum HDTV dimensions of 1920×1080 before loading them into iMovie. In order to upload them with maximum quality to my .Mac account, the only place I know of that will host large videos, I had to use the new iMovie ’08. As it turns out they only allow up to 960×540, which is really plenty. For iMovie ’08, Apple completely rewrote iMovie to an overly userfriendly interface. It’s the only video editing software I’ve ever seen that doesn’t offer a “timeline” view where you can move video and audio around. This caused a great backlash (from me as well) at the time of its release, so Apple allowed the older version, iMovie HD, to be a free download to owners of iMovie ’08. However, I must say that after using iMovie ’08 today, it’s really not that bad. They took away control over some aspects of the editing and provided more control in others. One thing that always annoyed me about iMovie HD was that once you added a text title to the movie, it was there for good, rendered and saved to each frame, and couldn’t be edited. Not so in ’08.

July 4th Party – Hamburgerfest 2008

July 05, 2008 By: erik Category: Food, Partying, Photos, Spain, USA

Burger OozageYesterday we invited some friends over for beer and hamburgers. I had built up the “I make great hamburgers” myth, so I was a little worried that I might not live up to the hype, but everyone left very pleased. And a little wowed, if I might say so. Good food and good people.

Two Flowers

July 04, 2008 By: erik Category: Geeky, Science, Timelapse, Videos

thumbnailNow this is a timelapse flower movie! Four hours and thirteen minutes, one photograph every minute. I’m so pleased with the result! The animation is smooth and perfectly captures nature’s beauty. What’s rather amazing is that there is motion between every single frame. The cactus never spent a full minute motionless. Absolutely gorgeous!