Twas a dark and stormy night

September 02, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Science, Timelapse, Videos 414 views

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Stormy NightA couple days ago, I heard a low rumble in the distance. When I heard it a second time, I knew what it was, so I rushed to the balcony to retrieve the clothes from the clothes line (yes, that’s how we dry our clothes in Spain). The sky was a turbulent dark mass of churning water vapor. Electrical storms are fairly rare here, compared to where I grew up, so I jumped at the opportunity to attempt some lightning photography. I ran to fetch the tripod, camera, and timer, and carried them all upstairs. The problem was that the storm was coming from the south, and the only windows I had available were east and west. I chose east, and pointed the camera to the southeast, hoping that the storm would pass on that side of the house. I set the camera for automatic shutter speed and to take photographs every five seconds. And I waited…
Stormy Night

The tip of a lightning bolt from the right.

Stormy Night

Creepy little electric fingers.

Stormy Night

I love this violet color. This photo wasn’t edited at all!

Stormy Night

This is the best bolt shot I ended up getting. Apparently it was so bright that the shutter closed before getting any light from the neighboring clouds.

  • These are some impressive photos. I especially (does this word actually start with an ‘e’ in English, I am starting to forget) liked the choice of song for the video.

    I wish it would rain down here, in the low lands.

  • Thanks, Ray. It was either this or Riders on the Storm.

    “Especially” throws me for a loop sometimes, too. The recent mistake I’ve been making is when pluralizing “tomato” and “potato”. It seems so wrong now to add an ‘e’.