Conversations With a Pregnant Woman – Pilot Episode

November 06, 2008 By: erik Category: Family, Funny, Musings, Offspring 304 views

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We’re still a little ways out from the infamous third trimester, but we did have a conversation the other day that makes me chuckle every time I think of it. Marga was looking at a shop window that I wasn’t interested in. I was looking in wonder at a jewelry store window full of diamonds and sparkly expensive things. I called Marga over, gestured towards the jewelry, put on my millionaire face and said, half-jokingly…

Erik: “My love, if you could have anything in the world, name it, and I’ll buy it for you.”

Marga: [glancing briefly at the jewelry] “Well, what I’d really like is a donut from that bakery over there.”

The person we were waiting for arrived, and no pastry or jewelry purchase was made.

All cravings of late have been citric in nature. Oranges and tangerines don’t last long in the fruit bowl.

  • Credit crunch meets raging hormones.

  • I think we need to see a photo of your “millionaire face”.

  • What Simon said.

  • In my mind, it was not the cravings that stand out so much as the aversions (which seem to have really ramped up when trimester three was kicking off). For quite some time my bride could not, indeed WOULD NOT, abide the faintest aroma of the most innocent olive (this at a time when the ex utero son would eat almost nothing else), and there was also a period, all too long if memory serves, when the faintest whiff of beer would send her into a homicidal rage. Just FYI.

  • paola

    Same for me: I could not stand the smell of formula milk, that C. had just started drinking… And coffee.
    I didn’t go for citrus, though… Is there any old wife’s tale about citrus and sex of the baby?

  • The aversions always fascinate me. When my friend and now manager was pregnant with her first son, she could not abide coffee. This is a woman who typically drinks nothing but coffee, takes her latte/espresso machine camping as well as drives it across the entire state of Virginia to/from work weekly (long story and not as interesting as you might think), and has tried for years to get the company to install a Starbucks in the office building.

    In fact, I knew she was pregnant before she did because of the coffee aversion. I don’t put any stock in that sort of thing usually, but I knew that this was clearly a sign of something.

    No aversions whatsoever with the second baby, if I recall correctly.