Quenched Desires

December 03, 2008 By: erik Category: Food, Partying, USA 288 views

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Marga and her hushpuppiesThere’s something about only visiting a foreign country occasionally that makes one crave certain products available only in that country, resulting in strong necessities desires to consume said products on each visit. Exactly what products reach this pedestal depend on your mood and environment when you first consume them. It’s very hard to predict. My cravings were pretty much everything my grandmother makes for her traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Marga’s were Papa John’s pizza and hushpuppies.

Last Wednesday we had hushpuppies, pulled-pork barbeque, and chicken fingers for lunch. Marga was beside herself.

Chicken Fingers and Hushpuppies

Chicken fingers, sour dough bun, hushpuppies, and the best honey mustard sauce ever.

Marga and her hushpuppies

That’s one happy puppy! (you may recognize the face she’s making from a previous post)

Later that night, we had a pizza party to see a few more friends at Godfather Tom’s house.

Pizza Party at Tom's

Wendi, Marga, Tom, Jeff, and Paul.

Cheese and Crackers

There was some yummy Spanish anchovies, cheese, and wine here, but it didn’t last long enough for a photo.

Debbi and Marga looking fabulous

My step-godmother, Debbi and Marga, both looking fabulous.

Papa John's Pizza

The pizza has arrived! Yum!

Pizza Party Pan

A panorama of pizza consumption. I apologize to Jane. My photo stitching program gave her four legs.

Debbi in new scarf

Debbi shows off her new scarf that Marga’s parents sent her.

Do you have any special foods that you crave when you visit a certain country? Share in the comments.

  • I have yet to visit another country. Scandalous, I know. What I really want to talk about is how gloriously radiant Marga looks. Pregnancy really seems to agree with her.

    Oh, wait. That’s probably just the hushpuppies. They have the same effect on me.

  • Marga looks radiant. One more time, tell her how one of your readers envies her beautiful hair! Debbie looks joyful. And hushpuppies… hmmm, look like highly unhealthy food. 🙂

    By the way, I always wondered, what language(s) do you speak between you two?

  • Just noticed that the previous comment is also about how radiant Marga looks. So, this word occurred to both of us. 🙂

  • I was initially a little confused, as in the UK “Hushpuppy” is a brand of shoe.
    When I go back to the UK I have to have a traditional Sunday lunch of roast beef with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire pudding. Also apple crumble with custard. English chips (fries). Scones with cloted cream.
    When we go to Italy we must, of course, have focaccia. MUST.

  • Germany – Wiener Schnitzel (one of my favorite dishes ever) … I like the southern variety better than the northern. The southern folks always know how to cook better. 🙂

    France – pí¢té de foie gras (i just think it tastes better on a fresh baguette)

  • Elli

    Switzerland: cheese (Gottardo, Appenzeller), fondue, raclette, rí¶sti, chocolate. When we visit next I will gorge myself. Our family better greet me at the gate with a wheel of Bergkí¤se.