American Billiards

January 07, 2009 By: erik Category: Funny, Spain, USA 337 views

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American BilliardsThis post is about one of those things that only an expat would notice. I get the benefit of originating from the country everyone wants to emulate, so I see plenty of stuff like this.

As far as I know, the only kind of billiards there are in Spain are “American” billiards, but then the terminology for all the games under the title of Cue Sport vary so much from place to place that I may be completely mistaken.

Over the holidays, I saw this product perched in a toy store window. It’s for a miniature pool table. Incidentally, the Christmas that my family got one of these was one of the most fun in my memory. What struck me has so humorous about this product was the attempt the studio photographers made to “make it look more American”.

American Billiards

A huge plastic cup of Coca-Cola (with straw)? Check. An overflowing hamburger directly on the pool table felt? Check. Eighties-style jeans jacket? Check.

I just can’t believe they forgot the red paisley bandanna!

  • i ALWAYS leave my hamburger and coke on the felt between shots…don’t you? incidentally, have you actually played pool here? the rules are very strange (in my humble opinion)… nothing at all like sydney pub rules… i’m always getting myself into arguments over one- and two- shot rules, white ball off black etc…

  • I agree it is poor form having your drink and burger on the table. The wet and greasy spots will play havoc on your backspin.

    Also why does beer make you better at pool and then later make you worse? This makes no sense. Beer should make up its mind.

    Are other things similarly effected by beer, like driving? Are we better drivers after a couple but then much worse after a couple more? If so then the law should be updated to penalise people who have drunk excessively and also people who have failed to ‘knock one back’ before leaving for work in the morning?

  • “Beer should make up its mind” and other bits of Hubbers’s comment are making my day, as is the idea that a greasy burger on a mesa de billar makes it more ‘American’. I especially like the idea of the law penalizing drivers who fail to knock one back before leaving for work. Irresponsible idiots.

  • If you ask me, it’s all the devil’s furniture.
    Especially when it’s miniaturized like that.

  • Milton

    Whatever piece of billiard equipment you are buying, ensure that you look at how the item will get to you. For tables, don’t consider the purchase if you can not get an experienced billiard table mover to dismantle the table, properly transport it, and reassemble it on location. Any other way of moving the table will likely result in cracked slate.

  • I’m going to leave Milton’s comment here (with his url redacted) even though he clearly didn’t read the post or at least understand that the post was not really about billiard tables.

  • Billiard Cues Cheap

    Ya know, I have lived in a small town with people running around wearing that style of clothing since as far back as I remember, and still today. 5 years ago i moved to a bigger city (business decision) and really do miss that style of living so make fun of the “americanized” ways that they are trying to portray all you want (directed toward the creators of the image) but i wouldn’t trade it for big city living if there wasn’t a great deal of money involved.

    By the way… it’s obvious that they don’t know what they are doing because in reality, from my experiences of both worlds, the people in small towns that dress like that would have more respect than to actually put their junk on the table, rather than here in the big city where people act as if they don’t give a flip. Keep in mind, drink beer, ride horses, and play pool is all there is to do in small towns.

    Sorry to comment on such an old post but when I read it i just couldn’t help say something. My comments are not directed to the writer here but rather the people that “americanized” that image… which i understand will probably never read this! Nice catch though.