Expiration Date

January 15, 2009 By: erik Category: Complaining, Funny, Politics, USA 350 views

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Yesterday, when I saw the expiration date on some cheese in our refrigerator, I said out loud, “That’s not the only thing that’s expiring on January 20th!”

I honestly cannot think of anyone that I dislike more than George W. Bush. I think that if he knocked on my door, I would not invite him in. If he came up to me on the street and offered his hand, I would not shake it. He very well may be the human being single-handedly responsible for the most suffering in my lifetime. The fact that he’s completely oblivious to his wrongdoing makes him all the more irksome.Expiration Date

Expires on January 20, 2009.


This picture pleases me on many levels.

  • Heh.

    (My captcha was “monster” by the way.)

  • michael

    and my capcha was ‘sanction.’ sometimes i really wonder if your captcha generator is sentient.

    i’m not sure where w falls on the incompetent-malicious spectrum. i suspect that he’s an incompetent surrounded by maliciousness. i’m not really sure if that improves his house guest worthiness.

  • Mine was diamond. ?
    Just some perspective:





    I’m sure there are others during our lifetime whose decisions have directly and indirectly caused more suffering.

    Closer to home:
    Being forced to take off my shoes and throw away my drink to get on a plane is wrong; although it’s almost like “suffering”, but it can’t honestly be blamed on Bush ‘single-handedly.’ Same for pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, increasing national debt (even if he did send a lot of it to the African continent), nor allowing the conversion of bad mortgages into exchangeable securities.

    Did I miss anything? ;->

    On the bright side, I kind of like the lack of attacks on U.S. soil, so far.

  • I hope you’ve made time in your busy schedule to watch Letterman’s top ten W moments, ideally over and over again. Won’t make you feel any better about your country, but the schadenfreude is worth it. [via]

  • Quick Erik start a Flickr group!!

  • Ray, I knew that stretch of a statement would draw some counterexamples. Thank you. Some people are evil. Some of these evil people get into power. What bothers me about GWB is exactly what Michael said: He’s such an incompetent idiot that he allows other people to commit crimes in his name. Dictators like Saddam are actually personally responsible for the initiation of the evil. Bush inherits the responsibility through the supposed chain of command. I would almost prefer to have an evil ruler like Saddam that was in control of what was going on. Actually, I probably wouldn’t, but it would be less intellectually annoying.

    Yes, sgazzetti, I’ve seen that video a dozen times and I watched it again with your link. Bush’s only value might be comedic.

    I got my captcha list from this list of rhymeless two-syllable words. Any matching of subject matter to captcha word is happening in your own brains.

  • KP

    You’re being too nice. I would bitch-slap the man. That said, The Daily Show won’t be nearly as amusing without him around to verbally bitch-slap.