33 Weeks, 3 Days

February 13, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring 310 views

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33 weeks, 3 daysYesterday Marga had a difficult audit at work (which she passed with flying colors) and she wore an outfit that my grandmother bought her back in The Great Black Friday Maternity Shopping Extravaganza of Aught Eight. I’d had a husband-foot-in-mouth moment the day before when I’d absentmindedly asked her if she was going to wear her business suit that she normally wears for business visits. Doh.

She’s looking pretty good, if you ask me.33 weeks, 3 days33 weeks, 3 days

1.5 months to go!

  • D’oh! I’ve just realised that I’m going to be on holiday and out of contact when baby arrives. Maybe our hotel will have internet acess in the lobby…?

  • If there was ever a reason to bind oneself to a two-year iPhone data contract with expensive roaming charges….

  • Simplemente me ha hecho gracia tu blog y enhorabuena