ONCE Colindres Lottery Ticket

February 23, 2009 By: erik Category: Colindres, Spain 710 views

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ONCE Colindres TicketWell, this is about the only thing that could make me buy a lottery ticket after my year of playing the lottery and my decision to never play again. Every week, ONCE, the Spanish lottery company run by and for people with physical disabilities, has a different design on their ticket, often featuring a town or landmark in Spain. Today’s ticket features my town, Colindres, and its puente giratorio, which was built in 1901 by some guy named Eiffel had already built a tower somewhere, I think.
ONCE Colindres Ticket

Unless I win more than 30€ with this thing, I’m keeping it as a souvenir.

  • This just in: I didn’t win. Imagine that! The winning number was 69960.

  • So funny, we started to play one once ticket each Monday and reinvest our small winnings (if any) in even more tickets since we kind of got hooked after watching La Gorda 😉

    So we played yesterday too – and didn’t win. Oh well, got to wait now until next Monday. Sigh!

  • I doubt i’ll ever see the day when mondragón is the featured town!