What the close-up? #1

March 05, 2009 By: erik Category: Games, Photos 872 views

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01 - What the close-up?Today I’m going to try a little blogging experiment. For a while, I’ve been considering some kind of quiz format where I take a picture of something, crop to just a texture or shape, and have you, my readers, guess what the object might be. Frankly, I’m not sure how fun it will be, but I figured we should give it a shot. If you are in favor of this idea, the best way to show your support is to participate by guessing. If popularity drops to only one or two guesses, then the idea might have to be discontinued. Let the games begin!

I will post the answer and the winner one week after the original WTCU post, with the chance of a possible clue mid-week if no one is close.01 - What the close-up?

The image has been desaturated to highlight only the texture. Can you guess what this is a photo of?

Disgusting hint: it’s not a part of my body.


Winner: Paul
Runner-Up: Simon

I agree with Simon that it’s pretty ambiguous as to which citrus fruit this is. It could very easily be a lemon or grapefruit. But Paul wins first prize for having the lemons to commit himself to just one type of fruit. The correct answer is, of course, an orange.

01 - What the close-up? (solution)

Hence the need to desaturate the image. With the color information it would have been too obvious.

Thanks for playing. Try What the close-up? #2.

  • Some kind of citrus fruit.

  • Paul

    An orange.

  • Paul what are you smoking? At best it’s a ‘white’.

    I’m I’m going with volleyball.

    What do we win Erik?

  • Prizes for correct answers include pride, honor, and a hyperlink if you submit a url into the comment form with your guess.

  • aquariumdrinker

    We need to talk about your definition of “prize”.

  • that is clearly a lemon, I can tell by the color. ;~}

  • The episode of Lie To Me I just watched makes me think Ostrich egg.

  • Wow an orange volleyball.

  • I think you should choose something that you don’t have to change the color. It’s not a real guess of the item, but the texture. I protest.