Baby Burrito

March 29, 2009 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Photos 1,103 views

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Baby BurritoAll my experience with Mexican cuisine is coming in handy when it comes to swaddling my daughter in a blanket for easy room-to-room transport and general warmth. It’s the same basic folding pattern as a fajita or a burrito. The particular picture below was the work of my wife. She looks like a package all wrapped up. All she needs is a stamp and a mailbox.
Baby Burrito

So far this pink blanket that a very nice woman named Sue at my father’s work gave us is our tortilla of choice for wrapping our baby burrito.

Hey, whaddya know, there’s an 11-step photo guide to swaddling on Wiki Commons. Unnecessary for anyone who’s ever eaten a fajita.

  • Does swaddling help to soothe her? We didn’t learn until recently that Eva preferred a much tighter swaddle than we were doing. Now she’s too big and squirmy for any kind of swaddling. I wish I’d tried it more when she was really little because I think it would have helped prevent some of the crying and screaming.

  • I suppose so. The reasoning behind swaddling (close womb-like restriction) makes sense to me. The nurses and midwife here do it, so we just went with it. If she’s flailing about (and babies sure do flail, don’t they?) on a bed, when we wrap her up in a flour tortilla blanket, she does calm down, but we also usually add hot sauce pick her up immediately after, and it gives warmth, etc., so it’s hard to know if it’s a matter of correlation or causation with the swaddling. It makes for minimized in-arm flailing, though, which is a plus.

    We’re all ears for “stuff I wish I’d known to prevent screaming” tips, by the way.

  • The 5 s’s, as found in the book The Happiest Baby on the Block ( shushing, swaddling, side-holding, swaying/swinging, and sucking. At least one of these (but probably a combination of them at the same time) will help soothe Nora. We found shushing and swaying/swinging to be lifesavers for us. The arms get tired, but at least it helps calm the baby down!

  • I found that I couldn’t manage a swaddle that I felt safe with for overnight sleeping, so we got a swaddle specific blanket with strategically placed velcro tabs. Works like a charm, sleeps like the cliche’d baby.