What I want in a Twitter client

April 17, 2009 By: erik Category: Complaining, Geeky, Internet 223 views

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Foul Owl?It’s really simple. I want my contacts organized in groups, just like any RSS client. When I open up my Twitter client, I want to go directly to my friends’ new tweets before reading my celebrity or news tweets. I care more about jagosaurus or sgazzetti are up to than what celebrities like Wil Wheaton or Penn Jillette or John Hodgman are doing. And I want an unread count for each group, like most RSS readers give. The total unread count should be shown in the dock icon.

Also: Link Unwrapping. I want everything that Tweetree does. All shortened urls should be unwrapped, the url and title of the page linked to should be shown. Links to twitpic, Flickr, YouTube, Blip.fm, etc. should have a thumbnail, and perhaps the audio or video, embedded in my tweet list. As I mentioned, Tweetree does all of this more or less perfectly. They also do tweet threading, but that’s not a feature I care much about…not to mention that it’s not really possible to do properly given the current Twitter API.

To recap:

  • Grouped contacts/followees
  • Unread count by group
  • Link unwrapping
  • Media embedding

This doesn’t seem that difficult.

Currently my favorite twitter client is Twirl, which doesn’t do any of these things, but I’ve tried about a dozen. C’mon, developers! Make my dreams come true!

  • I’m using TwitterFox right now and it is okay but not idea and definitely not what you want. I will probably switch to Twirl next.

    I think the features you are asking for are ideal.

  • The order information should be presented to me in are:
    1) New direct messages
    2) New @ replies
    3) People I care about most
    4) People I care less about
    5) Celebrities and/or news outlets
    6) Other random people that I’m following for some reason

    More or less.

  • My sentiments exactly.

    especially the urls.

  • It’s almost enough to try to figure out how to start doing software development on my own. But, I’m afraid I don’t have the attention span necessary.

  • Seriously. I currently have three (fucking, if you will excuse me) Twitter clients installed on my phone, and none of them meets the criteria you list.

    Having typed that, I feel like a douchebag. If you will excuse me.

  • sgazzetti, I mention you specifically in the post and you come here with that kind of language? You fucking douchebag. There. You’re excused now.

    You have, however, brought up a good point that there’s no reason that an iPhone app can’t meet all these criteria as well.

  • That is the same priority list I would make if I weren’t too lazy to make one.

    And I suppose you know I meant ideal instead of idea in my first comment.

  • Wait, I forgot #7: Ashton Kutcher.

  • Michael

    so, how about tweetree in a fluid instance?

  • Using Fluid is still a hack. You loose auto updating, growl notifications, and the window is too big.

    Tweetree in a dashboard web snippet might be better.

    Actually, I see now that Fluid lets you inject CSS, so maybe the window size problem could be fixed. There must be a way to make Fluid autorefresh, too, but I’m not seeing it. I bet you can inject JS too, a la Greasemonkey.

  • Interesting. Further research suggests the Fluid will even allow for growl updates. My goal might actually be attainable with Fluid once I find the free time to hack it together.

    Good suggestion, Michael.

  • Tweetree seems to specifically not want to create a desktop app, but they are planning on doing the groups thing. Go Tweetree!