One Month Old

April 24, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Partying, Photos 1,093 views

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One Month OldToday you turned one month old, Nora. You had a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning. You’ve gained 500 grams (1 lb 2 oz) and are now 3.6 kg and 53 cm (you were 3.3 kg and 51 cm when you were born). After the doctor’s visit, which included a hepatitis vaccine, your mother went to her beauty salon to schedule a leg waxing and a manicure, and the beautician took one look at your fingernails and immediately offered to cut them for us. We’ve been waiting out of caution (but mostly fear) until you were a month old. Surprisingly, you protested very little. Just so we’re clear, on your one month birthday, you got a professional manicure!

After that it was a walk through the town market (a Friday event). We bought you three pairs of 3-month-old pajamas because you are quickly outgrowing your newborn ‘jammies. One woman from a fruit stand came out from behind her stand to coo at you and talk to us about her experience as a 40-year-old first-time mother and tell us the rest of her life story. Then I picked up some meat, bread, birthday candles, and some pastries, while your mother and aunt ran home to exchange a rug they had bought at the market the previous week. You and I got home before they did and you bawled your eyes out until I could give you warm milk. The adults ate lunch, and then it was time for your birthday party.
Your mother and I bought these party hats six or seven years ago in England for about £1 each, and we have carried them around with us to another country and through three houses. They were completely unused. Until today. Your mother and I plan on using these same hats for your first 14 birthdays…’cause we’re stingy like that.

One Month Old

Stupid elastic band gives Daddy a double chin…more than he usually has. Your mother is looking fantastic, as always.

One Month Old

Your Aunt Belén partied with you, too.

One Month Birthday Cake

Sleepy Birthday Girl.

One Month Birthday

This is about the most awake you were during your party.

One Month Old

I tried to animate you a bit.

One Month Birthday

Your first lesson in fire extinguishing did not go well. Pay attention next time!

One Month Birthday


To no one’s surprise, you were exhausted after your party.

Anyone here one month old, please raise their hand!

Anyone here who is at least one month old, please raise your hand! Anyone?

Happy Birthday, Nora! Your parents are pretty proud of themselves for keeping you alive this long. One month at a time, eh, kiddo?

  • Congrats on making it a whole month! I love the second picture, where her party hat is all askew. Looks like Nora partied a little too hard, if you ask me.

  • Some follow-up thoughts:

    While Marga and I both agree that “this has been the fastest month of our lives”1, it also paradoxically seems like we’ve always had Nora living with us. Weird how the human brain perceives time like that.

    1I think this is because of the intense non-boring repetition of caring for an infant.

  • I like the fourth picture. She’s got a real “you talking to me?” expression on her face. Happy one month birthday!