A Walk Around Colindres

April 28, 2009 By: erik Category: Colindres, Spain, Timelapse, Videos 336 views

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thumbEver since I knew I would be a father, and even before we bought a stroller, I’ve wanted to make a video like this one. I’m really quite enamored with my adopted town here in Spain. It’s a wonderful size, it’s got all the amenities you could need (stores, bars, restaurants, etc.) and has some picturesque vistas. After living here for four years, we have walked down every street, and several dozen of the 8000ish residents greet us as we walk around town. There’s no doubt that, should we ever move, I will miss this place. So I’ve really made this video for me to remember Colindres by in the future, but it also serves to show my curious readers the kind of atmosphere we have here.

Although you might not believe it, it took iMovie ’09’s new image stabilization algorithm about 20 hours of my cpu maxed out at 100% to process this video and eliminate the jitter. The problem is that there was just too much jitter, and to correct it all would require such cropping that it would remove the sense of walking around town. If you start to feel dizzy watching this video, STOP! I’m not responsible for you putting your breakfast on your keyboard.

This video consists of a one hour walk from my house, past Marga’s work, by the port, down the maritime walkway, through a bit of the center of town to the town hall, and then returning home, stopping to buy bread on the way home. I filmed it one day last week by attaching my camera to the stroller.

  • Nice to get a sense of what the streets of Colindres are like.

  • Dude, can I steal this idea too? I need to film something in which I can put Maggie to sleep. Our route is so boring. It’s not fair.

    My favorite parts are walking through the construction area, under a crane, which was likely a hard-hat required zone; and getting wine in which I’m pretty sure you didn’t pay.


  • The crane was actually a cement truck (there are two more behind it) that was pumping cement high into the air, through a window, and into a fish warehouse. I was a little nervous walking under it.

  • This is great. Dizzying, and great.
    The more I attempt to do my own artistic audio-visual endeavors, the more I appreciate what it takes to make one worth watching.

  • wow! way to go alonso…love the way you overtook woman pushing the wheelchair and another pram wheeler.. and now i have a pretty good sense of exactly how many obstacles you have to navigate on spanish streets with a pram!

  • Yeah, that wheelchair lady should’ve been in the slow lane!

    It’s a lot more fun with the pram when we go down to the local skate park and do the half pipes. 😉