Turtle Milk Splashing

May 10, 2009 By: erik Category: Experiments, Photography, Photos 764 views

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Turtle Milk SplashingThat title might seem a bit odd, but, as you soon shall see, it is really quite apt. I have made another attempt at high speed flash photography. Rather than use a coin this time, I have chosen to use a little turtle that I got in a Kings cake. I’ve also changed the liquid from water to milk. The result is a set of photos with a very playful-looking turtle splashing about in a puddle of milk.
Turtle Milk Splashing

Going in for a nose dive. Unfortunately his tail broke off in the events leading up to his splashfest.

Turtle Milk Splashing

Turtle Milk Splashing

For a little color, I had him landing in a blue Tupperware lid. I was hoping for a splash where his quadrupedness was evident, but when he landed flat, he only splashed to the sides.

Turtle Milk Splashing

Wading in shallow milk.

Turtle Milk Splashing


Turtle Milk Splashing


Turtle Milk Splashing

This one is my favorite.

There are a few more that didn’t make the cut for this blog entry. They are available here.

  • Was the turtle thirsty?

  • Hi Eric,

    Cool images, I am probably going to put them on my photography blog this week.

    On another note, my email address is on your About page, and get loads of link exchange requests as your root domain has a high PR. Could you remove my comment?

    Purty please? Cheers! (From a fellow UK-US-Spain dweller)

  • I have redacted your email, Angel. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. 🙂

  • Captain Ron