Stuff I Thunk – May 2009

May 31, 2009 By: erik Category: Musings 159 views

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Occasionally I have publishable thoughts that are more than 140 characters long, but not long enough for a full blog entry. To allow an outlet for these I’m going to start a series of monthly blog posts where I let these thoughts accumulate, and then I publish them at the end of the month.

The way Apple gives free Apple logo stickers with every product is pure marketing genius. What do people do with stickers? They stick them on things. Not only that, but they stick them in places that will be seen by other people, thus making your logo even more ubiquitous. Genius!

After watching an unhealthy amount of streaming NASA TV recently, it occurs to me that someone putting a satellite in orbit should include an HD video camera pointed towards Earth at all times. I’d tune to that channel and just leave it on my television for a long, long time. They could even put small ads at the bottom.

Note to self: When moving a rotten pear from the fruit basket to the trash, do not assume that the stem will support its weight. When they hit the floor, they explode into a gooey sauce that resembles human vomit, both in color, consistency, and desirability to clean up.

  • mike

    HD camera on satellite, Great idea. I had a similar idea but on the space station, or on a moon base when they get around to going there. Some of the cameras pointed towards the earth. Several to choose from.

  • aquariumdrinker

    You made me have a thought:

    Lots of companies give away logo stickers with their products. When I assembled my current computer, a lot of the components came with stickers (little ones for the outside of the computer and some bigger ones for my car or my Trapper Keeper or something). I figure this is because, while there are better and worse power supplies, most of them are fine for their intended purposes for most users most of the time. Getting buyers to base purchasing decisions in part on brand gives the companies a chance to squeeze some extra profit out of an inelastic market.

    So when you see a Jeep bearing a Rip Curl decal that came with the driver’s surfboard, it’s a safe bet that part of her purchase price (for the board) was for participation in the brand.

    (I’m assuming that Rip Curl (or Nike, or Rosewill or Apple) is correct when it thinks that enough of its profits come from branding to justify the cost of printing and distributing stickers.)

  • Did you see this?

  • Yes, that video, and the YouTube video in the comments, is very close to what I want, Simon. But a non-geosynchronous satellite would be much less boring. The shuttle footage is so cool because it goes around the Earth every couple minutes. Ideally I’d want a flat screen monitor, in a picture frame, hanging on the wall with live HD streaming satellite footage of the Earth. That would really rock. Also maybe as a screensaver.