Even More Dresses

June 04, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos 316 views

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1950's HousewifeI foresee a continued stream of photos of brand new dresses in my Flickr photostream’s feature. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law call every day to ask what Nora is wearing. Of course, with each new outfit, she’s so incredibly adorable that there’s not really an option to not take a photo. Since she made it to the two-month mark, she’s been using a new dress just about every day. None of which we have purchased. They were all gifts.
Summer Hat, Butterfly Dress

No, that hat doesn’t go with this dress.

Butterfly Dress

Butterfly close-up.

1950's Housewife

Trying out the 1950’s housewife look.

Sea Horse Dress

Yep. Seahorses.

Sporty Nora

This is what she wore on Thursday. Her shirt says “Mi first little shoes”. I don’t know if the misspelling is intentional (ala lolcat cuteness) or an actual mistake, since the Spanish word for “my” is “mi“.

Sporty Nora

It almost looks like she’s pointing at something.

  • Jake

    If this kid turns out to be a famous movie or television star, at least it will be no mystery why she is comfortable in front of the camera.