Sungha Jung

June 11, 2009 By: erik Category: Internet, Music, Stuff I Found, Videos 648 views

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thumbYesterday, I was just doing a simple google search for…hmm, I can’t remember…and I tripped and fell down the YouTube rabbit hole. Ninety minutes later, I emerged with some serious respect for this spidery-fingered asian kid named Sungha Jung. Just as an article I read the other day pointed out, this kind of stuff, not corporate produced television, is what YouTube is all about. Check out this kid.
Billie Jean and Come Together are possibly my favorite songs by their respective artists, mainly for their unmistakable rhythms.

And watch him play just about every guitar and vocal part to Hotel California. Kudos to the arranger, Tomi Paldanius, on this one.

There are a tons more similar videos on this YouTube channel, and I guarantee there’s a pop song on there that will make you say, “Ooh! I love that song!”