Vendors and Clients

June 19, 2009 By: erik Category: Funny, Stuff I Found, Videos 265 views

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This video is great. The shit that companies try to get away with in business-to-business relationships wouldn’t stand a chance with business-to-consumer relationships. Tip o’ the hat to Marigoldie for pointing me to it, and to Scofield Editorial for making it.

I was gonna email this to a few people, but I wanted to share it with so many people…when my “to” list for something gets to more than about five recipients, I blog it.

  • Yeah, this is so right it is somewhat painful.

  • I can certainly relate to this as a small business owner. I especially like in the video where the guy tells the chef he’ll have to show him how to do it so they can do it at home. People – not customers or anyone I even know – call me up and ask how they can fix their computers. Within reason I’ll give general advice but obviously I’m not going to reveal my techniques or lend them a Windows XP disk. My hairdresser says she gets that too. “My home perm came out frizzy, what should I do?” People sure have a lot of nerve.

  • one of the companies i teach in was telling me about a new plan they have to resolve their cashflow situation… instead of paying their suppliers in the usual 30/60/90 day scenario they’re proposing to pay when they sell the product that contains the components provided by the supplier… so, we’re going to buy 5,000 screws from you (which you will supply to us now) to manufacture 500 machines… and when we sell one of our machines, we’ll pay you for 10 screws… and so on… noone could give me straight answer as to what will happen if they don’t sell all 500 machines… as they say, this will no doubt ease their cashflow considerably, and probably send their supplier out of business..