Siesta Haiku

June 20, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Partying, Photos 488 views

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Daddy MattressLast Sunday, after a meal which was preceded by almost an entire bottle of wine and sirloin steak, I chose to not disguise my sleepiness, like the other gentlemen, on the sofa in front of a boring Sunday movie about 90’s American suburbia, and actually lie down on a bed. After a short time, my sister-in-law entered the room and placed a little white slumbering monkey on my chest. As I lay there, I composed a haiku. To not forget it, I recorded it with my new iPhone 3.0’s voice memo system. Thus I present it to you now.

Child on chest supine
Belly filled with food and wine
A moment divine

That’s my belly, not hers!

Daddy Mattress

Yes, you can see my underwear here. But you can see her diaper, so we’re even, right?

Daddy Mattress

I was only acting asleep. Nora really was.

Daddy Mattress

Sleeping chin dimples.

  • Hilltop

    I argue for “supine” instead of “suppine”. Your fake sleeping could use some work, too 🙂 Something about pretending to be asleep makes one smile. I guess it’s the “I can’t believe this is really working” feeling. Cute!

  • Thanks for the spelling fix, Hilltop.

    I discovered as a child that pretending to be asleep is a great way to fall asleep. Whenever I was trying to fool one of my parents into thinking that I was asleep, I’d slow my breathing and lie perfectly limp and still…and doggonit if I didn’t actually fall asleep almost immediately. I still sometimes, when I’m having trouble sleeping, pretend like I’m trying to fool someone into thinking that I’m asleep. It’s just that now that someone is me.