Clay Keepsake – Three Months Old

July 02, 2009 By: erik Category: Art, Family, Funny, Offspring, Photos, Timelapse, Videos 485 views

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Handprints - 3 MonthsA friend of my parents gave us a “clay keepsake” gift. I had never heard of such a thing, but the value was immediately obvious to someone who has photographed his infant daughter’s body with a quarter for scale. The idea is that you flatten out some “clay” (really some kind of space-age polymer), press your kid’s hands into it, place it in the oven (the clay, not the kid), and what you get is a keepsake that will let you remember the size of your child’s hands at the time of the molding. Including the 15 minutes in the oven, the box announced that the whole process “takes only 20 minutes from start to finish!” Yeah, right…

The following timelapse video records and hour of arts and crafts time. It’s pretty hilarious to me, especially when Nora’s cries come out like little mouse squeaks.

Handprints - 3 Months

The final result!

Handprints - 3 Months

Fun with depth of field.

Handprints - 3 Months

The final result. On the box, they show a photo with the kid’s two hands out of frame towards the clay. Since we don’t have a photo like that, nor can I imagine posing her that way, I put in a giraffe shot.

  • Cool gift.

    If the talking were understandable on the vid would any of it have said “no no you do it like this”?

  • Yes, almost all of the dialog was “No, you’re doing it wrong!” Family arts and crafts are fun!

  • This is terrific. And I could never do one of these because I would spend a solid week on flattening out the clay and getting it PERFECTLY EVEN.

  • that was hilarious!

  • I startled my co-worker by laughing loudly while watching. This is really a classic.

  • Paul

    Give me more warning next time. I came close to busting a gut.

  • I laugh every time I watch it. Something to listen for if you watch it again: at the one minute mark, you can hear the church bells strike 5 o’clock twice.

    Also, when we got it done the first time, Marga wrote the name and age on it as if it was going to be displayed landscape rather than portrait. You can see me explaining her mistake to her.