Cute As A Button

July 09, 2009 By: erik Category: Experiments, Photography, Photos 438 views

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Button Close-UpI recently watched episode #19 of Seinfeld where he starts the show with a stand-up routine about buttons, as he pretends to find a bag of extra buttons in his coat.

Welcome everyone to the room…Ah, the extra buttons….yeah … what kind of a sicko would save these …have them in a huge file, drawers that wide (small fingers opening imaginary drawers) Where the hell is that … I mean is it THAT hard to get round black buttons that they have to make it into such a great thing like this? … is it such a great jacket … the buttons are so unique, so one of a kind, you’ll never find them – so we’ll save you the trouble of knocking your brains off – and we know they’re going to fall off too that’s the other thing …

One thing I’ve noticed with all the new baby clothes around here lately is the growing mass of little miniature zip-lock bags of buttons. They seemed like a reasonable subject for another foray into the world of close-up photography.

Equipment: Canon 40D, 50 mm lens, two 10x close-up filters, a little natural light from the window on the left, and an off camera flash to the right.

Button Close-Up

Button Close-Up

Big green roxy!

Button Close-Up

On a side note: I hate buttoning non-round buttons.

Snap Parts Close-Up

Breaking theme a little, we switch to a collection of parts for a snap.

Snap Parts Close-Up

The lines on the ruler are 0.1 inches (2.54 mm) apart. Those teeth look menacing, don’t they?

  • Eric, I have left several messages on Metacafe requesting permission to use your time lapse of a tide. Please contact me as we would like to use your video.
    Paul Heigl