Fly On The Wall

July 15, 2009 By: erik Category: Damn, Nature!, Experiments, Geeky, Photography, Photos 626 views

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Fly on the WallThe term “fly on the wall” refers to an unseen observer of events. Today we’ll invert that definition and observe a fly on the wall very closely. This common housefly remained calmly at eye level on my office wall for the duration of my photo shoot (and several hours afterwards), even as my camera lens got to within a few centimeters of him. Because of the extreme magnification, the depth of field in macro photography is minuscule. As you can see, when his body is in focus, his legs are not, and when his front legs are in focus, his hind legs are not. None of these photos are taken with a flash, because I thought a flash my frighten him away.

These were taken with two 10x close-up lenses on a 50mm lens.

Fly on the Wall

Dramatic shadow casting.

Fly on the Wall

The way flies rub their front legs together always makes it look like they are plotting an evil scheme.

In reality they are cleaning their taste and smell receptors on their legs. At least I didn’t catch him eating his own vomit.

Fly on the Wall

Hairy little buggers, aren’t they?

I was always sort of under the impression that, for the macro photography of insects, the insects were usually dead, and could thus be approached so closely. After this experience, I think that perhaps this is not the case.

  • They are surprisingly tolerant on a human’s large looming presence. Nice work.

  • Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get that close to a fly without it flying away. I’ve gotten some good shots of grasshoppers, beetles, and some other random bugs, though.